When the idea of a mass-produced maple bacon sundae was adopted by Denny's last year, little did they know it would start a firestorm of bacon infused products.

Soon after, west coast based Jack-In-The-Box revealed the Bacon Shake.

Now, we have Burger King to thank for our next foray into places where bacon maybe shouldn't belong.

Starting tomorrow, the fast-food giant will offer customers bacon sundaes, topped with your choice of chocolate or caramel sauce, along with a strip of thick cut bacon. Sounds like a dream, right? Beauty is  in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the pit of one's stomach.

The summertime treat weighs in at approximately 510 calories, but the high caloric count was not enough to keep some of the Townsquare Media staff from digging in.

Surprisingly, the blend of sweet and salty flavors play quite well together in the sundae, in my opinion. But, once the hot fudge component became apparent, the flavors were transformed into something better. The only criticism would be the strip of bacon. Due to the way it's prepared, once it hits the ice cream, the bacon becomes extremely dense, making it tough to break with a plastic spoon. Otherwise, the concept was well thought out and the best of what I've had from any fast-food joint.

Other Burger King items unveiled for this summer include:

- A pulled pork sandwich, topped with creamy Cole slaw sauce, Memphis BBQ sauce and white onions

- The Texas Whopper, graced with Texas BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos and cheese

- The Carolina Whopper, topped with coleslaw sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, Carolina BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, bacon and red onions

We thank our friends at the Whitesboro Burger King for providing us with samples of each item mentioned in this article.

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