Secrets From Denny’s In The Mohawk Valley
Denny's has four restaurants here in the Mohawk Valley.  They are open 24/7, 365 days a year.  They are located in North Utica, New Hartford, Rome and Herkimer.  But here a some things you just may not have known about Denny's.
Kids Eat Free In Utica!
We're all pinching pennies these days, especially if we have other mouths to feed besides our own (I've got three little ones, whew!) Some of our area's finest restaurants are pleased to offer us hair-brained parents a leg up while we try to keep our kid's tummies from grumbling.
Burger King Enters Fast Food Fray With Bacon Sundae
When the idea of a mass-produced maple bacon sundae was adopted by Denny's last year, little did they know it would start a firestorm of bacon infused products. Soon after, west coast based Jack-In-The-Box revealed the Bacon Shake. Now, we have Burger King to thank for our next foray into places where bacon maybe shouldn't belong...