I mean really. You might as well be stealing from my wallet. I traveled downstate this past weekend and the prices were completely absurd.

I wrote last week about New York wanting more people to travel within the state's borders. That's all fine and dandy, and I'm sure more people would love to do it. If the prices weren't so astronomically high maybe more would actually check out more of New York. There is absolutely no reason that I needed to pay $35 freaking dollars at a thruway rest stop for Burger King. I have paid less at Chili's before.

Oh, and I am just getting started. You think $35 for Burger King is a lot, how about the gas that is $3.50 a gallon? Remember how New York was saying that you need to report when a gas station is price gauging? Fine example set I see.

I want to love this state, and in many instances, I do love this state. I am also sure that Governor Cuomo and New York in general can't control the prices at their rest stops that much. But come on.. It's flat out taking advantage of drivers who are left with no option. I shouldn't have paid anymore than $15 for Burger King. I'm just so salty about this.

In all reality, if New York was cheaper to travel in, more people would do it. The ever-rising cost of tolls, gas prices skyrocketing, and the damn expensive freaking Burger King. That sounds like a recipe for nobody ever wanting to travel inside New York.

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