Meet the next member of the American Heart Association's Survivor Class. Catherine Pillmore shares her heart attack story and gives a message to women everywhere.

Cathy's story is similar to a lot of women who have gone through heart attacks, she ignored her symptoms. She was 55 when it happened, but she actually started having signs that something was wrong a few years earlier. That's right... years! In the video (at the top of this page), Cathy mentions that the first symptom she had was that she kept losing her breath (which would sometimes make walking difficult). The problem would come and go, and she would always blame it on something else. She says,

I had no idea at all this was coming to a heart attack. I just didn't know what it was.

Again, that was happening a few years before her attack even happened. But she remembers the night before her heart attack. In the video, she says she woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't breathe. Once again, she ignored it... Until she couldn't anymore. After a few hours she started realizing that something was really wrong and her and her husband headed to the hospital.

Tests were taken before the nurses and doctors came in to let her know she was having a heart attack. Cathy ended up having open-heart surgery because there was too much of a blockage.

She shares her story and is a part of the Survivor Class 2017 to warn other women. Cathy says,

I want to teach other women that our symptoms are not what men feel. I knew that, that morning...

I didn't want to blow off the symptoms anymore.

Cathy's words are VERY important. Don't ignore those symptoms. Listen to your body, if something doesn't feel right go to the doctor (or a hospital). Blowing off those warning signs could end up costing your life. Luckily, Cathy survived her attack, but for thousands of women (and men) every year, that's not the case.

In the video, Cathy says her family is her "why." The "Go Red for Women" campaign asks you to find your "why." Who and what do you want to be around for? That's the reason why you need to keep an eye on your heart and your health, so you can be there... So you can survive.

You can join the American Heart Association and their Go Red for Women campaign during the “Go Red for Women Luncheon” at Daniele’s Banquet Specialists in New Hartford on Wednesday, May 3rd. You can get more details on the luncheon, purchase tickets, and/or make a donation by visiting the CNY American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Luncheon Page.




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