On this Halloween, a day when real is not necessarily as it appears, I happened upon something that forced me to face a reality that many of us see every day but may not be aware of the deceit that happens before we do. We all know makeup, lighting, high heels and perfectly tailored clothes can make any 'normal' woman look like a supermodel, but what about Adobe Photoshop? This program can do wonders for any pic but watch the, well horror as this woman is photoshopped like crazy. The next 37 seconds will blow your mind.



We're being brainwashed into a new standard of what beautiful is and if you ask me, this woman looked a whole helluva lot better before the enhancements, not to mention before hair and makeup even. Gonna look twice next time I see an ad, God forbid the model and the pic are two different people! Women celebrate your natural beauty and guys, let's keep letting our women know that they don't have to MAKE themselves beautiful, they've already got the right stuff, even if they're not Barbie dimensions... See below for more on THAT!


How Do Real Girls Measure Up To Barbie's Lofty Dimensions?

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