As tempting as sounds, you can’t just make the world your own personal wet t-shirt contest and go around spraying water on attractive women in tight clothing.

However, thanks to the folks at outerwear retailer Moosejaw, there is now augmented reality app for this anti-social, but ultimately satisfying, behavior.

How it works is simple — one person holds Moosejaw’s catalog up to a hand held device. The Sweaty & Wet App then makes the catalog appear as a water gun, which can be shot at one of Moosejaw’s models. If this all sounds sort of complicated, the video below should clear it up.

This isn’t the first time Moosejaw has come out with an app to help people get a better look at model nipples. Last year they developed an x-ray app which allowed users to see right through clothing to the unmentionables underneath.

So Moosejaw has gone from an app that that allows people to see through material to one that just wets it down? That is not progress. What’s next Moosejaw — an app that creates a weak gust of wind, allowing users just a peek at models’ ankles?

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