Central New York fans of singer Shawn Smith were a bit disappointed this week when the local Showtime band member didn't appear on NBC's 'The Voice' - however, a promo released by the network today on YouTube might offer up a hint into future shows.

It's confirmed that Smith, a.k.a. 'Big Sexy,' has auditioned for the Voice; but, there's been no real confirmation on how well he fared.  The NBC promo shows Shawn on-stage with his guitar displaying a moment of excitement.

Could it mean at least one of the judges turned around and said "I want you" following a performance?

Could the fact that his image is shown during a CeeLo profile have some significance?

Or, could this just be a good TV clip used by the producers of the show that just so happens to use a rejected contestant's image?

People who are regular viewers of The Voice will admit, promos don't always reveal what is really going on.  After all, if the promos were too revealing, nobody would watch.

One thing is for sure, Shawn Smith is 'tight lipped' and unwilling to comment and that might just be the biggest hint of all.

The Voice is back on NBC with the Blind Auditions on Monday night at 8 p.m..  The program airs locally on WKTV.

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