When The Voice premiered the other night, one singer from Upstate New York almost instantly had judges turn around. The entire state surely will be behind this young man.

Plenty of people have made it to the stage of The Voice who called Upstate New York home. All of those singers had immense talent and tons of people behind them. Now another name can be added to that list. Jack Rogan from Webster, NY not only appeared on Monday's season premiere of the NBC show, but he wowed judges very quickly allowing him to move on in the competition.

Rogan selected a very notable song with a cover of The Animals "House of The Rising Sun", this turned out to be a very wise choice. But he didn't just sing it, he also played it on guitar. More importantly, he made the song his own slowing it down and adding much more emotion to the 1960s classic. This made it impossible for both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend to stay turned around. After only 11 words were sung, both pressed their buttons.

The first judge to speak was Ariana Grande, in the video above you can hear her response for not pressing her button, she wanted just a little bit more. Grande paid Rogan a compliment though, saying she would buy one of his albums. One of the greatest compliments he received came from Legend who called his voice heartbreaking in gravity and tone.

Rogan was left with a choice, Kelly Clarkson or John Legend. Ultimately Legend prevailed and Rogan will now move on further in the competition on The Voice.

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