You can catch the official videos for Shawn Smith's performance online but the real magic happened in front of the individual televisions scattered across the Central New York area as we all watched and flipped out seeing our hometown boy rock it on NBC's 'The Voice'.

Many of us gathered at Shots Sports Bar to see him on the big projector screens which were the only things bigger than 'Big Sexy' last night. Watch Utica cheer Shawn on as CeeLo picks him for the final slot on his team and as the final contestant for Season 5. Let the Battle Rounds begin, but FIRST....



It's tough to hear the dialogue sometimes but the energy in the room was unmistakeable. And if you're interested, this author's smiling mug can be seen in the upper right corner at 1:58 playing keyboards for Shawn's acoustic duo, 'Poor Tim' at Dick Smith's Tavern. If you couldn't hear over the screams, here's the official highlight video of Big Sexy singing Zac Brown's 'Chicken Fried'. We'll keep you posted as he heads to the Battle Rounds next week.





Did Shawn 'Big Sexy' Smith Make It Into NBC's The Voice?

My buddy and band mate, Shawn Smith auditioned for the voice back in February and everything's been absolutely quiet until this week when we saw his Facebook cover photo change to an 'NBC The Voice' banner this past week with the caption 'I auditioned' and to watch the new season premiere on September 23rd!

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