Some call it the 'Sunday Scaries,' it's also called the 'Sunday Night Blues,' whatever you call it, it's super uncomfortable.

Do you feel anxious or a 'feeling of dread' on Sunday night? You're not alone. Most of CNY feels the same way. I first noticed this about myself 20 years ago, we would have a great family weekend, and before you know, it's Monday morning, and I'm crying. And the kicker is I loved my job!

GMA reported on the phenomenon with results of a survey by The Sleep Judge:

81% of people said they experience an elevated sense of anxiety on Sunday in anticipation of the week ahead. While some people feel that dread first thing Sunday morning (15 percent) or Sunday afternoon (29 percent), 57 percent of people reported feeling especially stressed out Sunday evening instead.

They suggest getting medical attention for constant and long-term anxiety, but those with the 'Sunday Night Scaries' might find some relief with aromatherapy, meditation, exercise, and vitamin supplements.

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A global poll conducted by Monster reveals:

76% of respondents in the US report having "really bad" Sunday night blues. This differs greatly from the rest of the world, where only 45% report experiencing "really bad" Sunday night blues. Despite positive economic news, there has been no significant change in either the US or the rest of the world for those experiencing the Sunday night blues since 2013, when 73% of US respondents had "really bad" Sunday night blues and 47% from the rest of the world felt that way at the time.

Monster says if the depression or anxiety comes from not liking your job, then it's time to identify and address the things about their career that doesn't make them happy.

How do you feel on Sunday night?

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