This is the time of the year that if you are planning to sell your home the calls start to real estate agents.

The conversation goes something like this. Well, should we sell this year  and how much do you think we can get for the house. you know our neighbor Bob works for Bob's Real Estate why don't we talk to him.

You should take the time and ask at least the following questions before you settle on an agent to sell your home.

1. Talk to the prior agents clients, even if the agent is a personal friend, better safe than sorry, You want people that are satisfied with the job your agent has done for them.

2. Check licensing to make sure your agent isn't Bob from the cross town bus depot but rather a licensed Realtor in good standing.

3. Check the success rate of your agent, what awards have they won in the past year. the best agents are those judged by other Realtors.

4. Select an agent with the right credentials. Doctors have specialties so do real estate agents including your friend Bob.

5. Take the time to research how long the agent has been in the real estate business. the longer the better as in any business

6. Look at the current listings the agent and the broker have on the internet. Does the agent have more properties than he/she can handle you don't want to be the odd man left out in the process.

7. Quiz your prospective agent about properties in the area that you are looking. you want agent that is knowledgeable about all the properties for sale. the more informed they are you will be well.

Good luck selling your property.








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