Someone abandoned seven Doberman puppies on the steps of Stevens-Swan in a crate. They were definitely malnourished and very very dirty showing signs of neglect and possible abuse Staff members gave each of the puppies several baths just trying to gauge what kind of shape each of the puppies was in.

The abandonment leaves the shelter officials without crucial answers. Were they all from one litter? A puppy mill? Why were all female dogs abandoned? How did they get the scratches on their faces and heads?

Shelter officials are cautioning prospective owners these dogs are all 6 months old and not housebroken. They are not saying the dogs can't be trained just that it's going to be a rough road with these pups.

Wednesday morning within minutes of the shelter opening the dogs went from person to person. Being raised together has caused a pack mentality and the dogs don't do well alone. When left loose overnight in the homes of shelter employees the dogs slept by there beds all night without waking.

shelter officials ask anyone with information leading to the dogs' owner or owners to contact them at 315-738-4357

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