Not all heroes wear capes - some are just called 'Mom'. This month, Jodi Bard of Clayville, joins the Super Mom Squad - because she deserves to have her accomplishments celebrated.

Jodi was nominated by Alan Bard. Here's what he had to say:

Jodi Bard is a fun loving mom to her own three adorable children and about 250 other students in the school district that she teaches in at Richfield Springs CSD. She always goes the extra mile to make a childs days brighter and full of fun and learning. What other Mom spends hours turning herself into a walking clock, luggage time traveler, or even Olaf to lead parades out for end of the year school celebrations. Shes often the first one to volunteer to do anything silly. Even to the point when her children say thats my mom and she just wants everyone to be happy and smile. She even goes above and beyond to help in her community from volunteering for her childrens MOMMS (Mothers of Mount Markham Students) organization as President and also volunteering in MMAYA (Mount Markham Area Youth Association). She always goes above and beyond to help all children whether personal or community children. Along with this she is a devoted wife and daughter and friend to others. Jodi is a person who is well loved by the community by which she is a part of. Jodi is always there to turn someones sad day into one of smiles and joy. She truly believes that one must live ones day as if it were their last with love, joy, and laughter in their hearts. This is why I believe that Jodi Bard deserves to be a part of Lite 98.7s SUPER MOM SQUAD.

Congratulations Jodi - you're a Super Mom - going above and beyond for your children and your students. We want to celebrate you!

We don't have a magical cape, but Jodi does get a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs where she can choose from a variety of items to brighten her day. Congratulations Jodi! 

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