Driving through wind and snow is nothing new to us, but when it turns into a white out is anyone an expert?

White out conditions are very dangerous and downright scary, but there are a few things we can do to stay safe.

  1. See and be seen. Turn your head lights and fog lights on. In extremely poor visibility and if you're going slower than surrounding traffic use your four-way flashers.
  2. Slow down. Without visual cues, it's easy to speed up without realizing it. Remember speed limits are set for perfect driving conditions.
  3. Brake and steer smoothly to take advantage of your tires traction and grip.
  4. Be aware of vehicles around you and don't tailgate. Everything takes longer in the winter, and you need more time to stop on slippery roads.
  5. Continually scan the right side of the road to see where the road is. Can't tell where the street is? Then try to stay calm and pull well off the road and use your four-way flashers until the weather clears.

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