Walking inside from lunch the other day, I noticed something a lot of people would just pass by and not bat an eye at. But it is quite an oddity if you ask me.

No, it sure isn't the fact that the car is under 10 years old and actually has a pinstripe. Although that is surely a little bit odd on newer cars. Not a whole lot of people pay the extra little bit to get a pinstripe these days. In fact, I just walked out into our parking lot and looked at all of the vehicles, and he is the only one that actually has a pinstripe. It does look pretty good on a white car though. Only kind of sort of though.

This fine example for a 2012 Nissan Versa has a fancy little black and red pinstripe down the side. See the issue I'm pointing out here yet? Check back above. That said pinstripe has a Toyota logo as a part of it. Should I call it a glaring problem? Well, that would be debatable if we are being completely honest. It isn't affecting how the car is being driven.

I proceeded to ask him about it, and he actually has had the car for quite some time and admitted he truly had never noticed it before. I was told when he bought the car a while back it was from a sweet little old lady. Apparently, that gem of a grandma bought the car new, and the dealership she got it from made some real faux pas.

Would you be angry or have any issue if you bought a car with the wrong companies pinstripe down the side of it?

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