We are no strangers to snow.

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It hits us for what feels like eight months out of the year before we get a glimpse of summer.

We like to keep people alerted to what is happening with the weather. We don't want anyone to ever be caught off guard or even worse, get hurt because they weren't informed enough. So when we tell you there is snow coming, and there is going to be ice, you know we mean it and you know we are saying it because we want to keep you informed. It is part of doing the right thing.

Now when we all wake up and see our cars covered with snow and ice, we have another opportunity to do the right thing. It's not fun, nor is it particularly warm. But, it is the right thing to do.

We must remove the snow and ice from our cars.

Driving into work, I watched sheet after sheet flying off of automobiles of all sizes. I saw these sheets hitting the ground and hitting other cars. I saw cars dodging these sheets as they were taken by the wind and sent on unpredictable courses in the air. On roads that are already a bit slick, this is just not ok.

The weather is what it is. We can't control it and we can't change it. What we can do is adapt and react to it. What we can do is do right, not only by us, but by each other. It takes a few extra minutes, and those are very cold minutes. But they mean a lot to the person behind us. Doing the right thing for each other is what makes New Yorkers great. Let's make sure we are doing it.

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