New York tried to auction this beauty off before, and a bidder won at auction. Well, their payment was never finalized. So now it is their loss, your gain. See that picture? That's the Corvette that could be yours.

Many always dream about owning a fast and fancy car but fail in life to make it a reality. This could be the moment where you have a red corvette in your reality and your driveway. The car will be back on the auction block after a failed attempt to buy it last month. It doesn't seem as if there is actually anything wrong with the car that would affect its driving.

This red Chevrolet Corvette does have a salvage title, but if that doesn't bother you, then who cares? But why would it bother you? The only reason the title is salvaged seems to be due to the VIN, Vehicle Identification Number. When it was stolen the VIN was altered. So now it has a brand new VIN. To be completely honest, does any of that matter when you have a six-year-old muscle car? Oh, and by the way, it has just a hair over 31,000 total miles on the odometer.

Yes, this is the actual Vette up for auction. Pretty sweet right?

NYS Office of General Services
NYS Office of General Services

This was the model of Corvette too where Chevy decided to revive the Stingray designation to the delight of millions. Could this 1LT with Stingray trim become a delight for you? If you are the winning bid on July 26th it sure can. The auctioning will begin at 9:30 am that Monday and according to Democrat and Chronicle, it will be a virtual auction.

Curious what it may take to own it? Well, last month when it hit the auction block the winning bid was $32,300.

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