Don't let winter weather get you down there are plenty of things to occupy your time and keep you and the rest of the family busy. Rent a movie from on-demand..Start your spring cleaning a little early and turn it into a contest who does the best job the fastest, you get the idea

If you have kids they should be getting close to a serious case of cabin fever I know our Nieces and Nephews certainly are, depending on your kid's ages you might try a few of these ideas to get you through those couple of days when it really is too cold to go outside.

On-Demand Movies

Make a list of your favorite  5 favorite  age-appropriate movies, make some popcorn and settle in

Spring Cleaning A Little Early

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With everyone stuck indoors, the whole house can be cleaned in just a couple of hours, of course, you won't make a lot of points with the family but the house will be clean.

On-Line Shopping

Women and shopping
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Now would be a good time to look for the gifts you thought you would get at Christmas but did not and may be at a better price.

Board and Video Games The Family likes To Play

This is great if your family is really competitive.

Plan This Summer's Vacation

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With the whole family at home, this is a good time to plan next summers vacation with the whole family this time.



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