National Bird Day is January 5th to celebrate the millions of birds that are captured from the wild or produced in captivity and help educate everyone about our feathered friends.

So, who the heck is Oscar? Oscar is a domestically raised yellow Nape Amazon parrot and the first thing out of peoples mouths when they see Oscar is, does he talk?  Yes, and he sings along with various words and phrases he's learned over the years.

Most parrots do talk and Oscar is no exception. Normally he's very vocal in the early morning and late in the afternoon. You stand a better chance of hearing him talk or sing if he has seen you before and he doesn't consider you a threat.

It took me several weeks to get the audio and video of Oscar talking and in some cases singing, more often I got just a disapproving stare with his tail feathers spread out and the pupils in his eyes dilating, translated, you don't want to mess with me right now. I've learned over the years when he'll interact and when you best leave him alone.

I've had Oscar since he was 13 weeks old and he'll be 23 years old in June. How long will he live you ask? 50 to 70 years and we will have to will him to someone in the family and that might be a little tough as no one in the family likes birds, especially Oscar is how should I say, not the most friendly parrot on the face of the planet but an absolute hoot to have around.

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