Last year in March we held the first ever Utica on Tap where you showed up (or didn't) to sample almost a hundred different craft beers, listen to some tunes, eat some food, buy some stuff and schmooze with friends on a stage that previously only your favorite artists had set foot on. You loved it so much that you sold it out and (for the most part) behaved yourself nicely. Here it comes again!


Keith James
Keith James

This year, we're going to offer you that same experience, but this time it's going to be on the ice that your Comets and Pioneers play on. Set aside March 7th, 2015 (and $35 bucks) and make sure you pick out your favorite parking spot at the Utica Aud in advance because it's gonna get mobbed fast! Speaking of advance, get your tickets ahead of time because the price jumps by $10 at the door. You're going to want to show up a half hour ahead of the 5pm start time too in order to get ID'd and then enjoy the next three hours straight with Utica's most dedicated of craft brewing enthusiasts and those that make your favorite imbibes.

Oh, and did I say that you get to keep your sampling glass as a souvie too? Don't forget to line up that DD and thanks in advance if you're it! Stay tuned for some brewery highlights as we reveal who'll be there!

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