If you eat fast food, you need to see this! Fast food workers say you should never order them!

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The list was compiled from a thread on Reddit, where workers from fast food restaurants like McDonald's, Arby's, Subway, Burger King, Taco Bell, Dominos and more give insight into the items they would never order and why. According to Alot.com there's a wide range of reasons to avoid these items!

"The workers specifically talked about what exactly a customer should never order from their restaurant. Either because of gross practices, never-cleaned machines, bad ingredients, or just general unhealthiness, most places always have at least one thing that a customer should never order." ~ Alot

13. McDonald's McCafe - The biggest issue here, according to employees, is that the machines are not cleaned often or well enough. There's nothing like a little bacteria or mold to add some extra flavor to your coffee drink, right!

12. Sonic Ice Cream - A Reddit user claims that there is really no proper training for the ice cream machine and that the cleaning of it is sub-par at best, with mold being an issue.

11. Dunkin Donuts Coolattas - Do you see the recurring theme here? Dirty machines! Employees and former employees say that the Dunkin Donut machines are hardly clean.

Credit: Mayor Fuglycool via Youtube

10. Little Caesar's Breadsticks - A former Little Caesar's manager wrote in the Reddit thread that the "butter" used on the bread sticks really isn't butter, it's some imitation product and it's not even refrigerated.

09. McDonald’s Dipped Ice Cream Cones - Chocolate that has been sitting out all day doesn't really sound that great. A former employee says the top layer congeals and employees are instructed to mix it right back in.

08. Starbucks Food - If you like paying for over-priced, frozen food, then order from Starbucks. Employees say that the food is all pre-packaged and reheated.

07. Wendy's Fries - Employees wrote that the fries pretty much sit and sit and sit, until they are sold.

06. Subway Roast Beef - A former employee claims it has so many preservatives in it that it glows!

05. Subway Tuna Sandwiches -

"A former subway worker on Reddit claimed Subway tuna is 'literal poison in a container,' and that it was always a few days past expiration. It's also apparently mayo-based, which ups the chances of food poisoning." ~ Alot

04. Sonic Chili - Chili from fast-food joints or really any chili I didn't personally make is always a little questionable to me. According to Sonic employees, the chili comes pre-packaged and is heated up in a warmer, where it remains for the rest of the day. And really, there's no way of telling what the exact meat ingredients are. Sounds delicious!

03. Wendy's Chili - No surprise that more chili is on the list. Wendy's employees claim that the beef is over-cooked and can be kept for up to 7 days.

02. Arby's Roast Beef - According to a few Arby's employees, the "roast beef" isn't even solid when it arrives at the store. They claim it is a bag of meat paste, which becomes solid only after spending some time baking in the oven. So basically, it's described as chunks of meat and fat mixed together and pressed into a paste.

Credit: PerfectChaosZeta via Youtube

01. McDonald’s McRib - The biggest reason to avoid this is that its allegedly not made from ribs. Workers claim its made from very undesirable parts of the pig, like hearts and tripe. Sounds yummy! Men's Health has a list of the ingredients in the McRib, which includes pork...but it doesn't specify what part of the pig.

Credit: Mashed via Youtube

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