11-year-old 'Lee' surprised his mom, Candy, by asking to help a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk in front of Your Bargain Grocer on Columbia Street in Utica.

Candy, her son Lee and their family recently moved to Floyd from Utica. They were in the area for a doctor appointment and a quick stop at 'Your Bargain Grocer.' Candy noticed a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk outside the store but was completely taken by surprise when her son asked if they could buy him something to eat. She said yes knowing this moment will stay with her son for the rest of his life.

Candy said it's been difficult for Lee moving and making friends at a new school. Regardless of that, he's still a very observant and caring child.

"He's very compassionate but has never witnessed a situation like this...We should have more people like this!!! My son and I went into a store, and he wanted to buy this man something to eat and this man has been on his mind ever since he came into contact with "Richard."

Richard is the homeless man you'll see in the video. Also known as 'King Richard' at the West Side Soup Kitchen.

Maybe if more people see what an 11-year-old boy will do to help someone, more adults would be willing to do the same.

Here's a powerful 30-second video showing an 11-year-old boy paying it forward right here in Utica. Thank You Lee, you're a great part of the community.

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