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Boy Helps Homeless Man
11-year-old 'Lee' surprised his mom, Candy, by asking to help a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk in front of Your Bargain Grocer on Columbia Street in Utica.
The Franklin Wins
Well, it hasn't been a secret at all that the Franklin Hotel has some of the most delicious desserts in Central New York, but today the get some more well-deserved recognition as you have voted their cannolis the absolute BEST
Best Cannolis?
Over the the last few months, you've chosen five foods as the Best of Utica and now fittingly we're on to dessert! From the list below, (that you chose) vote for your favorite CANNOLI
Who Makes Your Fave?
We now know the best riggies, greens, tomato pie, pizza and wings, but there is a single food left to pick your fave for and fittingly it's a dessert to wrap the whole thing up. Who makes your favorite Cannoli?
The Killabrew Wins
Out of all five foods on our list so far, this one had the most even vote spread over most of the competitors, but still a single wings place rose to the top according to your fingers anyway.
Who Makes Your Fave?
We now know the best riggies, greens, tomato pie and pizza, but there are two Little Italy staples left that we think MUST be voted on: wings and of course canolis!
Primo Pizzeria Wins
After keeping their lead most of the week, Primo's Pizzeria in Ilion beat out the entire field of pizzerias with 27% of the vote
Best Pizza In Utica?
Pizzerias are a dime a dozen and on every street corner in the Utica area, but we're curious which one will rise to the top after a week of voting for the Best of Utica!
Who Makes Your Fave?
A couple of months ago we kicked off the Best of Utica campaign trying to find out who makes the best foods in or around town and today we're resurrecting it for PART TWO!
John's Pizzeria Wins!
Napoli's led for the entire week but then over the weekend out of nowhere came John's Pizzeria, literally blowing away the competition for the Best of Utica Tomato Pie crown with more than half of the 10,000+ votes cast.

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