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Shanna Hendrickson

Ok, now that Winter is in the final days It's that time of the year to wash and detail your car. First and foremost you don't have to be a pro to get that NEW car look. Look at it this way, keep your money in your pocket, take a couple of hours and go over your car from front to back. You'll be surprised what you see that you didn't know was there from this winter. Here are 10 tips that can help you get your car back in shape for Spring, Summer and Fall.

1. Work from the inside out. You'll find it's much easier than jumping around from inside to outside and back again.

2. Most everyone today has a small air compressor in their garage. Blow the loose dirt to the center of carpet and out of all the small areas that you can't get a vacuum attachment into. then use the vacuum to remove the dirt. Do not be afraid to use a good stiff brush on the carpet to loosen caked on dirt from the winter. This is also a good time to treat leather seats if you have them or shampoo cloth seats.

3. While your at it use the compressed air to clean out the air vents and/or replace the cabin filter or have your local dealer replace that for you.

4. Clean your wheels with a wheel and tire cleaner that you can get at any auto parts store. Be carful not to splash any of the cleaner on your paint as it will damage your clear coat.

5. Next hand wash your car and take the time to notice every inch of your car as this will help you know where every small blemish is on your car. Oh, don't use dishwashing soap it's not good for your car's finish. Instead pick up a bottle of carwash while your in the parts store getting the wheel and tire cleaner.

6. Clean Paint is Bright and Shiny I was taught to run my hand over the paint on my car and if it felt rough then use a good cleaner to remove all the unwanted crud that bonds to the pain. Do not use harsh cleaners of you will have more problems than when you started.

7. This is one of those time to leave polishing to the pros unless you have had prior experience with buffers. I prefer to leave this step to the pros.

8. While you are at the auto parts store pick up a good paste or liquid wax, both work very well so flip a coin and go with one. One good coat should do the trick. Stay out of the sun by the way

9. How often to wax? Once each season. Hop to tell if wax is good. Throw a terry towel on the car and see if it will slide off.

10. Almost done. Lastly clean the glass, use a glass cleaner without ammonia. Ammonia is not good for the interior. You'll get the best look using a microfiber cloth.

Now go and enjoy your nice clean ride















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