wing fling giveaway

This Week’s Wing Fling Giveaway Winner – Robert Lawler
If you do construction, chances are you've been to McQuade & Bannigan many times, and maybe Rob has helped you find exactly what you needed for your project large or small. This time he and Stan and everyone else in the showroom got to be served. With pizza and wings that is!
Liz Stachow Wins This Week’s Wing Fling Giveaway
Liz and her pals at the Oneida County Office For The Aging down at the old Oneida County Airport were our winners of the free pizza and wings this week, but despite our coordinated efforts, Liz wasn't there when I delivered her prize. However if I had just left minutes before for vacay at Disne…
Marie Przelski Enjoyed Her Wing Fling Delivery, Are You Next?
Marie called me up after hearing her name on the radio that she'd won the Wing Fling Giveaway from Omega Pie and was like, did I really win?!? She ordered her cheese pizza with 50 wings JUST the way she likes them (mild & extra crispy) and I picked it up and shot up to Barneveld where h…

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