I gotta admit, when I heard Chris was an hour away from Pizza Boys in New York Mills, I was like dang his pizza's gonna be cold by then but hey let's make a fall drive out of it and hopefully he'll have a microwave on hand to heat it up!

I rolled up to the Town of Vienna Codes Office and was greeted with smiles from everyone as they all knew what I was there for! (It's amazing when you bring free food, people come from all over, haha! I mean you should see what happens when people drop free food at the radio station! I got body checked into the wall as we all literally ran for the Moe's sitting on the conference table last week!)

Photo: (Chris Soullas) Keith James/TSM

Meeting Chris made me forget about the drive instantly as we just started chatting about anything and everything, but I had to let him go so he could chow those BBQ wings with his co-workers. Once again it was great to meet another amazing and active Oldiez listener that I wish I could see through the microphone that I could finally put a face to.

If you'd like some free pizza and wings delivered to your doorstep this coming Thurs/Fri, click the button below and keep entering often and it's only a matter of time before I get to meet you!