My travels today led me up to the Keith Bowers Law Offices in Herkimer (yup, another Keith) and I recognized him as a lawyer that I saw in court when I was answering a traffic ticket earlier this month (oops!). It's funny who you run into as a one-trip-a-week pizza delivery guy! Anyway, I found Heather Zbytniewski returning from lunch (yeah, sucky pizza guy I am) so they had to split the large pizza and 50 wings between a few people and I'm sure there will be some monster leftovers in Heather's kitchen tonight! Needless to say, I drove away slower cause otherwise I might need Keith next time I got pulled over!


Keith James / TSM

We have to keep our lawyers and assistants well-fed but also the rest of our hard-working listenership, so if you'd like us to delivery some good eats from the Pizza Boys of NY Mills next week, enter your name and workplace here, and I'll see you sooner or later and hopefully DURING your lunch hour!