Liz and her pals at the Oneida County Office For The Aging down at the old Oneida County Airport were our winners of the free pizza and wings this week, but despite our coordinated efforts, Liz wasn't there when I delivered her prize. However if I had just left minutes before for vacay at Disney, I'd leave work in my rearview pretty fast too! So, instead I got to meet several of Liz's co-workers whom gladly accepted the free lunch! So, to Joan Suzanne, Tina and Emily (behind the camera) thanks so much for keeping the station on and being active listeners and for putting a nice cap on my Friday workday too!

If you're not any of these charming ladies or work at the OCOFTA and like to win the next Wing Fling Giveaway, we're drawing the new winner in a couple of hours! Enter by clicking the button below!

Chris Soullas Wins The Wing Fling Giveaway (Week of Oct 14th)