The warehouse at Carl's Furniture City isn't as glamorous as the showroom that you might see when you walk in to grab a new bed or sectional couch, but within the bowels of the building behind the main one, there are a bunch of guys in the trenches that you have to thank for DELIVERING that new furniture and guess what? They're rabid Oldiez listeners!

Brian Warren and his buddies (including his trivia partner Tim pictured to the right below) are always hopping on the phones whenever the trivia questions pop up but can never make it through the phone lines but that doesn't stop them from trying! So, when I showed up with their large pizza and 50 wings from Omega Pie, they were absolutely ecstatic and even invited me back to hang out with them for a bit to shoot the breeze.


Keith James / TSM

Brian and the guys were a blast and my fingers are crossed that you'll win one of our trivia contests sooner or later because you proved already that you can win the Wing Fling randomly! You can win randomly too without having your head chock full of trivia, just enter below and you'll be in the running!

UPDATE! - No sooner did I write this post but Brian's pal Tim finally made it through the phone lines today for our Sports Trivia and also had the right answer making thereby ending the warehouse losing streak once and for all! WTG, guys and I know where to go if I need some new furniture, you guys obviously know how to eat for free!