wing fling giveaway

Wing Fling Giveaway Winner – Beth Doria (Rome Free Academy)
Once again my once-a-week stint as a pizza delivery guy lands me at the wrong door, but at least I ended up at the right building this time! I found Beth in the RFA break room with a handful of her cohorts enjoying wonderful school-lunch tacos and the look on Beth's face said 'who's t…
Wing Fling Giveaway Winner – Mike Forbes (Wal Mart Pharmacy)
I'm used to walking OUT of Wal-Mart with food so it was kinda weird walking into the store with a delivery, but such is the life of the Oldiez 96 pizza delivery guy! I marched right on up to the Pharmacy counter at the Commercial Drive location where people were getting their meds and I had no …
Wing Fling Giveaway Winner – Adam Sassone (Benco Dental)
Unlike last week's winner, this one was right around the corner from the station and as I drove up to the address, there was a guy was in the driveway washing his Mustang, it turned out to be Adam Sassone of Benco Dental taking advantage of his lunch break on a beautiful day.
Wing Fling Giveaway – Vanessa Stacks (State Farm Insurance)
I parked in the  State Farm of Utica parking lot and no sooner had I stepped out of the van then the office door swung open and there's Vanessa waiting to accept her large cheese and 50 wings from the Pizza Boys in New York Mills. I was so distracted by her enthusiasm that I almost forgot …
Wing Fling Giveaway – Darlene Miller (Rockford Auto Glass)
The Wing Fling winners are starting to pile up and Darlene Miller along with her co-workers at Rockford Auto Glass were all too happy to accept the free pie and wings from The Pizza Boys in New York Mills. They looked very hungry so I'm sure the goodies didn't last long after I left!
Our Latest Wing Fling Giveaway Winner!
I delivered 50 wings and a large cheese and pepperoni pizza from Pizza Boys in New York Mills to a very happy Josh Flick at Bank of America today and lemme tell ya, the goodies almost didn't make it to their destination! Smelled sooooo good!