Many people waste money on things you truly would never need to buy. That’s the beauty of America. If you invent something dumb enough, someone will buy it. My case in point: Canned Air.Prague-based photographer Kirill Rudenko has developedCanned Air. That’s right, you can buy cans of ’100% organic’ air. It’s not just air from around the corner either, its air from cities worldwide. The product is meant to relieve stress, cure homesickness and fight nostalgia.

He started selling Canned Air from his home of Prague and has now moved to cities. That’s right, the canned air business is expanding. His shops are now located in New York City, Paris, Singapore and more. You can even purchase it at his Etsy shop. How much does Canned air cost? Just under 10 bucks.

Each can has its own special formula, here’s the one for New York City:

We have established a direct contact to a supplier in NYC. Each week we receive a few hundreds of gallons of fresh air from New York City. The Air Formula is:

20% Empire State Building

10% Grand Central Terminal

10% Chrysler Building

20% Statue of Liberty

10% Little Italy, Chinatown*

10% Brooklyn Bridge

10% Times Square

10% Central Park


*also available in 800 most commonly used languages in NYC.

*May contain traces of Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island.”


I still don’t see the garbage or bum smell from the city listed. It must be an extra.


If you really want to, purchase your canned air here.