The Six Nations Agricultural Society which runs the Indian Village at the Great New York State Fair is the only location at the fair where 1-liter bottles of water are still a dollar.

The Great New York State Fair Association has recently ordered all other vendors to charge $2 for water. The Indian Village is the only place left on the State Fairgrounds that is selling water for a dollar.

The Indian Village is run by the Six Nations Agricultural Society which considers the land sovereign, said Norman Jimerson. Fair spokesman David Bullard said fair officials respect the independence of the society and the Indian Village, which sits at the northwest corner of the fairgrounds.

"They manage their own affairs," Bullard said.' this is land that we work with them cooperatively on and  that they have control over."

The Fair this year required vendors to buy 24-bottle cases of 20 oz bottles of Aquafina water for  $7.50 each. The fair gets about $1 for each case. The vendors, in turn, must sell the bottled water at a minimum of $2, which includes vendors who are local, national, and groups that sell water to raise money for causes such as the Veterans Memorial. The weather will be extremely hot if you are headed to the fair today make sure to drink plenty of water.

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