Thermometer Sun 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures
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Hot weather and pets don't mix well and require extra measures to keep them from getting overheated.

If your pet is an indoor pet so much the better but for those owners that can not leave their pet inside during the hot weather. A couple of things to keep in mind.

If just put in the backyard without plenty of water and we mean plenty of access to water. That would be about double the amount of water that you would normally have for your pet that is kept outside. In addition to water, and just as important is plenty of shade. Pets want to get out of the sun just as much as we do.

Pets don't mix well with cars either no matter how much they love to go for rides. The best rule is leaving your pets at home when gets warm.

If you walk your pet try to keep it late in the afternoon or for you early risers early in the morning. even in those times, you need to keep a close eye on your pet for signs of trouble. Glassey eyes and frantic panting indicate a dog that needs to see a vet quickly.

So, you're saying to yourself about now that you don't need to worry about the hot weather because you keep your pets indoors always. Not so fast a hot house can kill as well. Try to keep the temp in your house if possible at 76 -78 degrees. Your pet doesn't want to drink hot water any more than we do.

Whatever makes you uncomfortable during summer does pretty much the same for your pets.


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