In honor of  Extreme Eating 2017 with Center For Science In The Public Interest (cspinet) we're highlighting these gut busting yet award winning restaurants in CNY. 

We know "extreme eating" isn't good for our heart or our waistline. Many Americans are obese, have diabetes and other weight related health issues. On May 5th all chain restaurants were supposed to post basic nutrition labels on their menus, but lobbyists representing pizza chains, convenience stores, and grocery stores have delayed the timeline.

Cspinet is proving how fast food chains are choosing profit over the publics health by offering awards for the worst of the worst:

Least Original Breakfast award goes to IHOP located in New Hartford, for the "Cheeseburger Omelet with Pancakes, Butter and Syrup." Cspinet says "This is like eating four McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffins drizzled with 2 tablespoons of syrup." This takes the cake on so many different levels with one day's worth of calories (1990), 2 days of your recommended saturated fat intake, 4,580 mg of sodium and almost a 4-day value of cholesterol at 1,005 mg. Livestrong says it would take the average 150 lb person, 6 hours of biking at a speed of 10 mph to burn off.

Worst Cheese in a Leading Role goes to Buffalo Wild Wings with locations in Oneonta and Camillus, for their "Cheese Curd Bacon Burger With Fries." Cspinet says "The menu item is the equivalent of roughly five Burger King Bacon Double Cheeseburgers." This cheat dish comes in at 1,950 calories, 53 g of saturated fat and 4,700 mg of sodium. Now you know why you're so thirsty later. CalorieLab says it would take the average 155 lb person almost 3 hours of jogging at 7 mph to burn off those calories.

Most Damage from a Supporting Vegetable goes to Texas Road House located in New Hartford for their 16 oz. Prime Rib, with 2 sides like the loaded sweet potato. Cspinet says if you chow down on that menu item and "it’s like eating two of the chain’s 12 oz. New York strip steak dinners (with mashed potatoes and vegetables), plus a slice of strawberry cheesecake. That's not including the all-you-can-eat peanuts, rolls, and butter offered to all Roadhouse patrons." When you throw caution to the wind with these particular choices You're consuming 3 plus days of saturated fat, 2,820 calories and 51 grams of sugar. The average 150 lb person would have to jump romp super fast for 4 hours non-stop to burn off those calories.

Most Ridiculous Ending is awarded to Uno Pizzeria & Grill with a location in New Hartford for their "Ridiculously Awesome, Insanely Large Chocolate Cake."Cspinet says "the menu actually says "Nuff Said," so nuff said." That splurge will cost you 1,740 calories, 32 grams of saturated fat and 168 g of sugar. the average 150 lb person would have to kayak for almost 6 hours to burn off those calories.

Is it really worth it? Remember what mom said? A second on your lips forever on your hips.

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