New research shows that if you think your wife or girlfriend is fat, you’re probably wrong. Even better? If you think you’re not fat, you’re probably just as wrong. Research — what won’t it prove or disprove?!?

The Danish Institute of Governmental Research recently asked 1,000 people to categorize themselves as underweight, normal, slightly overweight, obese or severely obese. In general, men scored themselves better than they should’ve (shocking) — many whose Body Mass Index (BMI) suggested they were obese regarded themselves as “normal.” On the flipside, women unsurprisingly tended to think they were heavier than they actually are.

People have long assumed that chicks with a little junk in the trunk are more attractive to males (“childbearing hips” got their name for a reason) but since the results of this study showed men think women are fat even when they aren’t, maybe that’s changing.  In other words, it’s possible that Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce became sex symbols not because of their curves — but in spite of them.

Later on, the same people were asked to rate their partners’ weights. Those results showed that while women tend to underestimate their husband’s or boyfriend’s weight levels only slightly, the men often did the opposite — overestimating women’s weight when the ladies were either underweight or of a normal weight.

Good news guys — women think you’re kind of thin, even when you’re a big load. Unleash the second sleeve of Girl Scout cookies!

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