Move over Nik Wallenda... Your historic walk across Niagara Falls in June was all fine and good, but Faith Dickey just may've bested you on this one.Or maybe it's apples and oranges, but no matter... This video is absolutely impressive and I found myself gripping the mouse a little too tightly as I was watching her perform this stunt.

Now, the jury is out on whether this is actually legit or not due to the fact that this movie was directed, cut and edited and I have a difficult time believing that the danger was as high as we are led to believe or that the close call at the end was really that close. I guess I've seen too much 'reality' TV for my skeptical mind not to roam... You'll have to be the judge, but whether this feat of skill is authentic or not, it's still pretty wild and deserves every single one of the 2.6 million views it's gotten in the last 6 days!!


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