UPDATE:: The woman in the video has returned the hand-sanitizer!

In a Facebook post, the woman - whose name is Lana, tells her story:

"It was brought to my attention that on July 14, 2020 I was in your establishment and after purchasing my veggie delight sub, I accidently (sic) stole your hand sanitizer!!!
My friend gave it to me in the morning before she left and I said “that’s not mine”. She said “well.. it’s not mine” and left it on my kitchen counter and I never gave it another thought until I saw the security video posted here on Facebook.

I was on the way to kayak with my friend and was riding in her car. We ordered our subs and I carried everything to her car continuing the conversation we had been on before we went in to order. I put everything on the front seat, took off her shoes I had to borrow, threw THEM in the backseat, got in and ate my sandwich while she drove to Rondaxe. I thought the hand sanitizer was hers that she keeps on her passenger seat for Covid. She thought it was mine I brought along for a kayak ride.

I swear to God and everything holy that I did not intentionally steal the hand sanitizer. When I watched the video I thought “oh my god she stole that from Subway then tried to give it to me?!” And then In the video it’s ME who takes it off the counter with our subs and my bottle of water!!

I am so sorry for my absent-minded mom-brained-ness excited-to-go-kayaking moment where I stole your hand sanitizer off your counter but I promise it was not intentional.
You’re not open yet so I left it here on your door😷 so sorry!!"

The post was accompanied by a photo of the hand sanitizer hanging on the door. Kudos to Lana for admitting her mistake and apologizing.


A woman was caught on film taking the whole bottle of hand sanitizer from the counter at a sandwich shop in Old Forge.

Credit: Subway Old Forge Facebook Page
Credit: Subway Old Forge Facebook Page

The Subway Shop in Old Forge posted the video of the unidentified woman, as she pays for her meal, and then proceeds to grab her items, and swipes the bottle of hand sanitizer. As the employees said, "This is wrong."

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In the comments below the posted videos, Subway employees give more information on the incident. Employees say when the woman's friend returned to the store, they "said something" to her about the stolen hand sanitizer. They say the friend responded "so that's where it came from."

Some commenters suggested the theft could have been accidental, and hoped the woman would bring it back. "It was not brought back in and even if it was it would have to be thrown away because it left the store," employees responded.

It's hard enough - and likely costly - to local businesses to take all the extra steps needed to keep customers and employees safe. When individuals do things like this, it just makes it hard for these businesses, and frankly, it's disappointing that people would behave like this.

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