Subway Responds to Charges
Remember how we were talking about Subway Subs only being 11 inches? Well finally Subway has responded, and the response may make you mad. Subway has finally commented on the controversy, and their statement may cause more problems.
Subway 11 Inch Footlong?
Is it possible that Subway has been lying to us about the footlong subs? They haven't been lying saying they are delicious, because those things are truly amazing. They are lying about the size it appears. There's a pretty big outrage online right now that Subway's footlong really isn…
Flexible Duo Give Daring Yoga Demo on NYC Subway [VIDEO]
When it comes to taking the subway, most people just want to relax. But while some are content to simply spend their commute reading a good book or listening to music, the flexy-bendy folks in this video felt the need to take it further when they performed an acrobatic ‘yoga&CloseCurlyQuote…