Mother Nature played the ultimate April Fools prank on Central New York. Just because it was near 70 degrees and sunny on Easter, doesn't mean Winter is ever over here in the Mohawk Valley. If you were premature to welcome Spring you may have taken these five important items out of your vehicle.

These five winter season essentials should remain SOMEWHERE in your car until at least June. They include:

5. Winter Hat
4. Snow Brush and Ice Scraper
3. Deodorant (Should probably keep a stick in there year round.)
2. Snack (Healthy and Nutritious)
1. Common Sense: Now this is an important one. Remember, you are a Central New Yorker. Even if you've only lived here a short time, you know how to drive in the snow. Take your time and keep it slow. If people are in a hurry in the bad weather, they should have left earlier. Always be cautious and courteous.

Who knows when spring will truly arrive? Living in this part of the state, you should prepared for anything.

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