Just when you think ol' Mother Nature is done for the Winter she hits you with a few inches of fresh snow just to keep you on your toes and your car stuck. Or worse yet stuck in a ditch. Well, just get your emergency kit, the one in your trunk

If you are from CNY you know we can get snow from October to April in varying amounts. So, we reached out to Ed Welch from Triple A Utica to get his most updated must carry items for your trunk and here, in no particular order are Ed's suggestion.

·         Durable canvas bag to store supplies
·         No-spill gas can (2-5 gal.)
·         Jumper cables (12-20’, be sure to get the right gauge for your vehicle)
·         Roadside flares/glowsticks (4, check out these reusable LED flares)
·         Flat tire inflation canister (non-explosive)
·         Spare tire and jack
·         Spare car fuses
·         First aid supplies kit
·         Bottled water (2-3 gal.) ( obvious concern about water freezing in the winter months )
·         Granola / energy bars
·         Small tool kit (screwdrivers, pliers, vise grips, adjustable wrench, tire pressure gauge, etc.)
·         Flashlight and extra batteries or flashlight that doesn’t need batteries
·         Small, foldable shovel
·         Car escape tool  (incl. seatbelt cutter and window breaker)
·         Road maps
·         Blankets
·         Extra gloves, boots, wool socks, stocking cap (for colder climates)
·         Fire extinguisher small (ABC type)
·         Antifreeze (1 gal.)
·         Two quarts of oil
·         Roll of duct tape
·         Paper towels / rags
·         Washer fluid
·         Pen and paper
·         Multipurpose tool ( like a Swiss army knife )
·         Seasonal supplies (rain gear, umbrella, ice scraper etc.)

Additional Items if you travel to remote places

·         Hand-held GPS unit
·         Towing strap or chain
·         Sanitation (hand sanitizer, towelettes, small trash bags)
·         Emergency car battery charger
·         Solar battery charger
·         Extra pair of shoes, gloves etc.
·         Toiletries, soap, etc.
·         Cell phone charger (left in car at all times)
·         Battery powered and/or Hand crank radio
·         Sleeping bag(s)

With all that said, the two items I would always have:

*My cell phone ( recognizing that there are places where it will not work
*My AAA Membership Card


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