My dogs have both been itching this fall, more than other years. But why?The more people I talk to, the more I hear they are experiencing the same. I wanted to find out what was going on. So I put a call into local veterinarian Dr. David Nickel, of Dr. David Nickel’s Animal Hospital in Whitesboro.

What’s causing all the itching with my pet? Dr. Nickel says," It is seasonal allergies. With the warmer Fall season we have experienced, it has extended allergy season." Something to keep in mind is pet allergies do not stay the same year to year and could get worse each year.

Is there anything I can do at home to help my pet? "There a few things you can try," says Dr. Nickel. "Wash your pet’s bed at least once a week. The allergens get deposited on the dog’s bed. Each time your dog goes outside pollen is collected in their hair and feet which can cause the itching. You can also wash your pet's feet each time they come in from going outside, or bath your pet two to three times a week. There are prescription shampoos you can purchase through your veterinarian that can also help."

When do you know it’s time to call your local veterinarian? "When itching becomes excessive and interrupts playtime activity or other activities, along with sleeping," Dr Nickel says. "Also if your pet’s skin becomes red and irritated, or even hair loss, it’s time to call your local veterinarian."

When will this stop? "Generally after the first hard frost or freeze or when it snows," explains Dr. Nickels.




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