I don't know about you but I didn't have a clue what The Restore is or what it does. 

Lou LaBella runs The Restore, in short, they take in new building materials and house hold items , sell what they take in and the money goes to help fund the Oneida County Habitat for Humanity. So when you need new building materials or used household items think Lou LaBella and the folks at The Restore.

The Restore just moved and needs your help in acquiring additional home improvement items. Used furniture and household items are needed. Just think second-hand store and you'll be pretty close to what the Restore does. Even better is the fact the proceeds for the items in the Restore go to help Oneida County's Habitat for Humanity.

The Restore would love to have all the items that didn't get sold at your last yard sale or garage sale, new or older items are good for the Restore and every dollar helps build a Oneida  County Habitat .for Humanity

Thanks to the work of the Restore and other partners the Habitat is looking for a qualified family to partner on the building of the home at the 300 block of Lansing street in the city of Utica in 2018. If you would like additional information reach out to the Oneida County Habitat For Humanity.




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