Feel like mushrooms are invading your lawn? You're not alone.

I thought I was losing my mind. One day I look across my lawn and see nothing but green grass. Then another day, I look out, and there are these giant mushrooms.

It turns out it is probably happening more than I even noticed. Mushrooms flourish overnight after it rains.

According to an online article I found from Scotts, mushrooms are just waiting to sprout after a good rain with the right ground conditions. Well, that explains it. It's been unusually wet in CNY.

The sprouting mushrooms have been unusual looking and large. Last week there was a cluster that looked like the 70's mushroom style china that Grandma uses. Then I saw these new ones in the yard, and I had to snap a picture.

So how does this happen? According to Scotts, "you need the right mix of moisture, shade or cloudy weather and rich, organic soil."

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