Don't let anything get in the way of the World's Largest Yard Sale this weekend. Treasures galore will be found.

If you like shopping at yard sales or as some call it 'treasure hunting' then you need to clear your schedule so you can commit to a full day of unlimited shopping. This weekend is the World's Largest Yard Sale at the Herkimer County Fair Grounds and gates opening at 8 am. We think you can free up some time by crossing off these three chores from your to-do list this weekend.



Come on; your house isn't so filthy that your cleaning routine can't wait one more day can it?


Martin Poole

Most people have so many clothes that they don't have to wear the same thing twice in a month. So if that's you, then blow off your laundry for one more day.



Your yard won't get mad if you don't tend to it on Saturday. Mow it on Sunday when it's grown a bit more.