Every time it snows, many of our first thoughts turn to, "Oh boy, time to break out the shovel/snow blower and dig the car out." But who's job is it to shovel sidewalks?

In Utica the answer is simple, you are.

According to the City of Utica's codes:

Owners, tenants, occupants or other persons having control of the exterior of premises owned or occupied by them shall keep the sidewalks adjacent to or immediately in front of said premises in clean and unlittered condition.

That means that yes, you are required to shovel the sidewalks immediately in front of your home, even if you're not the property owner.

It's the same case in the City of Rome, although with slightly different language:

It shall be the duty of every property owner and every person in possession of property in the city to remove the snow from all sidewalks bordering any portion of the property within 24 hours after any snowfall and to remove all ice which may form on the sidewalk or to make the sidewalk safe by applying sand or other suitable substance

In either case, the codes go on to state that nobody can dump shoveled snow into roads or onto sidewalks:

No person shall cast, shovel, dump, plow, push or in any other way cause to be placed any snow upon the streets and sidewalks in the city. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to prohibit any person from removing snow from the sidewalks in front of his premises, if such snow is not placed in the roadway.

There you have it. As we gear up for another round of winter storms and lake-effect snow, make sure you're clearing your sidewalks of snow and ice.

After all, many hands make light work.



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