Moms were quite sure that their kids would be home from school today, and thinking that maybe the entire family might be snowbound.  When that happens, you need bread, eggs, water and all the basics.  But what about the important stuff...snacks?

Well if you were in a grocery store on Monday, you would have seen shopping carts full of snacks.  We asked listeners which ones they stocked up on for the storm.

At the top of the list, frozen pizzas.  Perfect as long as the power stays on.  Next was ice cream.  Not what you'd expect for a snowy day, but it's a favorite.  Next was chips (especially Doritos).   Microwave popcorn was also a popular choice. Also mentioned were nuts, candy, and near the bottom of the list, fruit.   I guess when we are hunkered down in a storm watching movies, the healthy food is not what we feel like munching on.

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