Have you ever wondered if there are certain areas here in Oneida County that are more dangerous for driving than others?  There could be.  We have figures from 2016 that show the number of reported car crashes for the cities and towns here in the county.

According to preliminary figures for 2016, there were 987 accidents last year in the City of Utica.   Being the largest city in the county, it's no surprise that Utica had the most crashes reported.  400 of those accidents involved personal injury.

For the city of Rome, there were 516 reported last year.  Of those accidents, 170 people were injured.  New Hartford was next for the number of accidents reported.  The town had 414 during the year, with 86 injuries.   Next comes Verona, with 220 crashes and 2 fatalities last year.

You can see the full list of towns in Oneida county at itsmr.org.  It's from the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and has many interesting traffic stats from all over New York State.


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