Here are 10 things you should do to your yard or garden for Spring, thanks to George Joseph at North Star Orchards.

1. Prep your garden, now is a good time to rototill

2. Plant your hardy vegetables

3. Have your soil tested and see if you need to add anything lacking in your soil

4. Plant perennials

5. Plant any trees in your master plan of your yard. Conditions are good for success.

6. Landscape

7. Plant lettuce and potatoes

8. Watch for the full moon in May as it will signal the last frost and you can plant anything at that point

9. When all else fails watch your calendar and plant on Memorial Day

10. Attend a pruning class. There's one on Saturday the 29th at 10am at North Star Orchards. Learn how to prune and not kill any plants or trees in the process. The class is and hour and a half weather permitting. I know my plants cringe when they see me coming across the yard with pruning shears in my hand.

Thanks to George Joseph at North Star Orchards for his expertise. If you have questions, you can reach George at

Happy planting.




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