Are you familiar with the 'Lower Landing in Rome? Megan Postal, Director of the Rome Historical Society, tells us about its significance in Rome history.

The Lower Landing is a waterway that travelers, trappers, settlers, and Native Americans would use back in the day to transport themselves, their goods and their soldiers from one end of the New York state to the other.  But when they came to the end of the Mohawk River they would have to walk and carry their water vessel and their belongings to the beginning of and Woodcreek. That chunk of land they had to travel is called 'Carrying Place.' Depending on how high the water was the Carrying Place could be anywhere from 1 mile to 4 miles long.

The Lower Landing is located on present-day Martin Street, and there's a marker if you would like to take a look. It's historically significant, as the Oneida Carry was the reason that Rome became what it is today. Whoever controlled the Carrying Place controlled all of the movement between the waterways back and forth across New York state. Many forts were built right in Rome, and Fort Stanwix was constructed to control the Carrying Place. At one time the Carrying Place was crucially important. A portion of the inscription on the Monument states:

"For generations, the seasons of low water, the Bateaux of traders and the armies were here removed from the Mohawk (as the river then flowed) and conveyed across the Oneida Carrying Place to be relaunched in Wood Creek. Here August 2, 1777, Lt. Henry Bird commanding St. Ledger's advance guard composed of 30 regulars and a party of Indians under Joseph Brant established the first camp of the British investment of Fort Stanwix. This was attacked and looted Aug. 6 by Lt. Col. Willett and 250 Continental troops. Capt. Lerndult and 100 British regulars then erected here a fortified camp with a cannon and held it for the remainder of the siege. Here also was the lock, the starting point for the first canal connecting the waters of the Mohawk and Wood Creek commenced by the Western Inland Lock and Navigation Co. in 1782."

This is how Fort Stanwix became 'The Fort That Never Surrendered.'

The great Carrying Place is the inspiration for the Rome historical society's great Carrying Place Fun Run. This year the 2 mile is a trivia run. The Trivia Fun Run is the biggest fund raiser for the year at the Rome Historical Society. On September 16th, the starting and ending point is the mill on Dominick Street. You can preregister at or contact the Rome Historical Society.

  • Cost $20.00 if you register before September 15th
  • Day of registration $25
  • Students $15
  • Children under 12  $10

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