With New Year's Eve approaching, we encourage you to drink responsibly, and have a designated driver if you're going out to celebrate. So, when do we Americans consume the most alcohol? 4th of July weekend? New Year's Eve? The results may surprise you.

According to an article on aol.com:

"A recently released report has revealed what times during the year Americans are most likely to imbibe alcoholic beverages.

The study was conducted by BACtrack, a manufacturer of professional and personal breathalyzers, such as their Mobile Breathlyzer, a smartphone app that allows users to test their blood alcohol content levels with a Bluetooth connected pump and sensor.

BACtrack compiled the results anonymously from their almost 300 thousand mobile users, and found December 1st through March 31st are the prime drinking months, with an average BAC level above 0.06 percent three quarters of the time. During these months, a person is likely to drink on average five days a week.

Watch this video for the full story: